My presentation at a channel marketing event in Berlin

berlin presentationLast October I presented at the SiriusDecisions Summit on marketing automation, where I met someone from SolidWorks. I was asked to present something similar during the SolidWorks channel marketing event in Berlin in December.

I arrived in Berlin on Tuesday evening. I was just in time for a guided tour in the BErlin city center. It was a great way to already meet some of the attendees. The tour ended at a restaurant where we had dinner and enjoyed some gluhwein. I met some great people during dinner. The next morning when I woke up, I suddenly realized what the hotel reception, of the Radisson Blue in Berlin, meant with “a room with a view on the aquarium“.

The second day of the channel partner event started straight after breakfast. Tom opened the day, after which two short cases from partners were presented. Now it was my time. I shared tips and tricks on marketing automation. A lot of the attendees are planning on doing something with marketing automation, which I clearly noticed from the attendees afterwards. It was a great trip, with great people, in a great city. So when is the next session? 😉


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