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There are a lot of posts on creating online marketing dashboards out there. Too bad most of them are really on an operational level (e.g. amount of visitors and so forth. this is activity information and not business impact information). What we need is a dashboard that has a mix of strategic, tactical and operational indicators that reflect activity and business impact!



marketing dashboard


Process of creating a marketing performance dashboard


  1. Concept
    • Map measurement objectives or business goals
    • Identify KPI’s and other indicators
      (strategic, tactical, and operational)
      (must/should/nice) -> Use a knowledge-matrix for this
      In categories like: Customer, Product, Brand, Channels, Efficiency, Organizational Development, Environment (macro-economic)
    • Establish performance benchmarks or targets to gauge success
    • Qualitative and quantitative measures
    • Determine top level and drilldown level architecture
  2. Definition
    • Outline on how online platforms could be leveraged to reach and
      interact with the target audience to support the objectives
    • Which online levers might have key influence over KPI’s?
    • Determine frequency of performance evaluation
  3. Design
    • Establish performance data sources and/or methodologies
      (Available now / can be made available / will not be available now)
    • Enumerate the specific technical tracking hooks and manual interventions needed to ensure proper and complete data collection
    • Set up, configure or customize performance reporting tools
    • Determine output format (Excel, HTML, and so forth)
  4. Deployment
    • Present mock-up to management for feedback and needed changes
    • Use the first reporting cycle to create the first (final) dashboard
    • Optional: Building automation
  5. Optimizing
    • Periodically enhance the dashboard with newly adapted technologies
      and approaches


Knowledge Matrix

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