Interim Management for Marketing Operations

What does an interim marketing operations do? Marketing operations plays a critical role in aligning strategy and processes by managing activities across multiple marketing and non-marketing functions, ensuring that all of the marketing organization’s activities run as planned and are able to excel in their commercial efforts.

Whether leveraging technology, creating processes, productizing best-practices, coordinating functions, training, reporting on performance, or generating new insights, marketing operations is at the center of much of the marketing organization’s activity.

More information on marketing operations can be found on Wikipedia or on the blog section of this website.

Different marketing operations disciplines

  • Marketing Automation: Campaign operations, workflow automation, Lead nurturing, webcast integration, webhooks, API’s, Email automation, and more.
  • Lead Management: Lead management process, Demand waterfall, Lead scoring, SLA’s, CRM-Integration, and much more.
  • Insights & ROMI: Best-practice syndication, Marketing ROI, Pipeline attribution metrics, Dashboards, Reports, KPI’s, QBR formats, and much more.
  • Sales Alignment: Sales enablement, sales alignment, sales operations interlock, sales tools, and much more.

Temporary replacing with an interim marketing operations

Did your marketing operations director or marketing operations specialist submitted his or her resignation? Or is your marketing operations manager on sabbatical or on fraternity leave? If so, you’ll need a replacement, and interim marketing operations, who can quickly ramp up. Someone that has experience with a wide range of company types. Diederik Martens has many years of experience on client-side and on agency-side. He also has experience with a wide range of platforms and technologies, such as Marketo, Salesforce, Sitecore DMS, Silverpop, etc.

Quick launch of the marketing operations discipline

Are you planning on setting up a marketing operations role and/or marketing operations department? Is it taking a long time to recruit the right candidate? Or do you want to have a brilliant quick-start without the obvious pitfalls? Diederik Martens can utilize his experience of learnings and pitfalls from a wide range of projects to quickly set up a marketing operations role at your company. With Diederik Martens as interim marketing operations, you’ll see ROI in no-time!

Marketing automation specific jobs

Interim marketing automation is a part of the interim marketing operations job. Marketing automation is becoming more and more important in today’s big data omnichannel world where companies need to be contextual for their prospects and customers. Marketing automation has become one of the most important disciplines for a interim marketing operations director. Diederik Martens has many years of experience in marketing automation, and he was named as one of the world’s top-50 in 2014 and in 2015. In 2015 Diederik was also awarded the prestigious Killer Content Award for his lead nurture strategy at Quintiq.

Other solutions

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