Looking for a speaker on marketing automation or marketing operations?

Looking for a speaker on marketing automation or marketing operations?

Diederik MartensI have many years of marketing operations experience working for medium and large international (B2B) enterprises. I help them to align their marketing efforts to their prospects’ buying journeys. This with the use of marketing automation, marketing sales alignment, content marketing, and sales alignment. I share this experience with peers as a speaker. And through training and coaching. I’m a big fan of Marketo and Salesforce, when it comes to marketing automation platforms and other solution providers. And Marketo honored me as one of the world’s top 50 Marketo users by naming him to the 2016, 2015, and 2014 Marketo Champion Elite class. I have also won the Killer Content Award for my lead nurture strategy at Quintiq in 2015.

As a speaker, I have engaged audiences on a variety of topics. Marketing automation, Marketing sales alignment, Lead management, Marketing ROI, and Marketing operations. Want to get inspired?
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Sometimes is good to invite an external subject matter expert. It can help you get projects started, approved, moving, and/or launched. This can be in the form of a corporate speaker or workshops. Diederik has conducted dozens of engaging workshops.
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Have you just rolled out Marketo? Diederik Martens is not only a Marketo Certified Expert (MCE), but also named 3x to the Marketo Champion Elite class of the world’s top-50. Diederik would be able to do short basic Marketo training sessions, but also a complete on-boarding.
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What does a speaker workshop or training cost?

The investment level all depends on a variety of factors. We’d have to discuss your specific situation before giving you an exact number. Factors usually include:

  • Prep/Research/Follow-Up. This point is usually the big variable. The research allows to personalize the content for your organization or audience. The follow up ranges from follow-up questions to an assessment report that you can use as a blueprint.
  • The Value of the Topic Covered. A workshop on how to double your MQLs for the executive team has more value than a training for an intern on how to create HTML emails.
  • The Location. Hopping on a plane to the US is different than driving 30 minutes. Diederik Martens is located in The Netherlands (Noord-Brabant).
  • The Size. How many people are getting actionable advice that will make a difference, as a speaker?

Travel and expenses are additional. Investment range will vary, but plan on €2K to €10K+.