Showtime16: Get my presentation slides from this Showpad event

diederik martens showtime16 gelamco arena gentOctober 12, 2016 – Thank you for attending my presentation “The Journey to Marketing Operations Success” at SHOWTIME16 in Ghent, Belgium. SHOWTIME16 is organized by Showpad, a company in mobile sales enablement and content activation. This year’s conference theme is “Learn how to activate your content”.

You can download my entire presentation with the link below. I’ve also listed the hotlinks that were mentioned during the presentation for more in-depth content.

Get my Showtime16 content

  • Download the slidedeck
  • st01: Marketing technology landscape
  • st02: Lead management process examples
  • st03: How sales alignment success can accelerate your career
  • st04: Nurture program explanation pack
  • st05: Killer Content Award Report
  • st06: Lead process fact sheet
  • st07: Math with dates, or other field formula solutions
  • st08: Custom onboarding and training


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