marketing eventsThere are numerous marketing events around the world. This page lists noteworthy marketing events in The Netherlands. And it also lists events and summits around the world you should consider to attend. The marketing events vary from generic marketing to digital marketing events, but also specifically for the marketing operations field.

If you’re looking for events where Diederik Martens is speaking specifically, please look at his speaking agenda. Or if you’d like to have Diederik as a speaker, click here. Workshops and corporate speaking are also possible. You can also contact Diederik Martens directly.

Do you have suggestions for interesting marketing events? Or do want to list your marketing summit or event? Please use the comment form at the bottom of this page to leave a comment. Your suggestion will be reviewed and perhaps added as soon as possible.

Noteworthy marketing events in the Netherlands in 2017

Noteworthy international marketing events in 2017

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