Marketo Certified Expert (MCE)

Marketo launched certification in 2013 at the Marketo Summit in San Francisco. Diederik Martens was amongst the first few that became a Marketo Certified Expert, in short: MCE. The exam takes 90 minutes to complete and covers the entire platform. Diederik certified again at the summit of 2014. And re certified again at 2015’s summit in San Fransisco. And again at the 2016’s summit in Las Vegas.

As of 2017 certification changed. The exam is more realistic and harder to pass for starters. It’s now also valid for two years.

More information on getting a Marketo Certified Expert can be found on Marketo also offers many specializations, which can be found on

Marketo Analytics Certified

Marketo introduced a specialization for its Revenue Cycle Analytics in 2014. Diederik Martens certified in this analytics specialization late 2014. With the new style certification, this certification is no longer available. Instead one can take the exam for one of the many specializations after completing the regular MCE exam.

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