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Diederik has many years of experience with Salesforce. Not just as a Salesforce user, but also in adminstrator alike roles. He worked on sales operations topics and on marketing operations topics. Marketing operations topics include campaign management and syncing with campaign management platforms. It also includes lead management and reporting. On the sales operations side, Diederik has experience in forecasting, pipeline, and revenu analysis. But all of this is only possible with the right administrator mindset. When to create which field? What to integrate? Which access rights for whom? Salesforce is a framework that allows you to model your organization’s proceses. The possibilities are endless.

Salesforce Marketo integration

The integration process requires careful planning, training, and action across a number of different departments. The purpose of this post is to guide you through this process with the experience of others who have done it before you. Marketo has excellent documentation on the precise steps you will follow for specific actions. I highly recommend that you download the documentation Marketo provides as well as work closely with your enablement manager for the best possible experience.

Implementing Marketo is not just about the sync. For the sync to work as you want—and as Marketo advertises—it is up to you and your team to plan out the lead management system you want. There is a seven-step process to develop the lead lifecycle and then sync the two systems together.

  1. Lead Lifecycle Planning
  2. Marketo User SFDC Permissions
  3. SFDC Changes in Sandbox (optional, recommended)
  4. Marketo Sandbox Testing (optional, recommended)
  5. SFDC Changes in Production
  6. SFDC – Marketo App Installation
  7. SFDC – Marketo Sync

Josh Hill, another Marketo Champion, has written a great post that describes the 7 implementation steps above on marketingrockstarguides.com. If you’d like to know more about Salesforce and Marketo integration, please check Marketo’s website.

On top of these 7 steps for integration, you can think about several other, sales enablement, topics:

  1. Sourcing lead behavior data (e.g. integresting moments)
  2. Sales enablement (e.g. making content available for instant emailing on a contact’s page)
  3. Lead scoring (e.g. best bets, urgency, and lead priorization).
  4. Lead nurture controls (e.g. automation is great, but manual overrides by sales are great too)
  5. And much more.

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