Diederik Martens

Speaker, Author,
Entrepreneur, MarTech Consultant,
BBQ-er, Retired Deejay, and Father.


Diederik Martens is the author of the book “Marketing Automation Untangled“. In this business novel Diederik takes you with him on his journey to successful marketing automation. Throughout the ten year long story, he shares all his epiphanies, lessons learned, and his failures. He also covers theory, jargon, and the formats and templates that he used along the way. An easy read, in which you’ll expand your knowledge to untangle marketing automation.


Diederik Martens is Founder and Chief Marketing Technologist at Chapman Bright. Chapman Bright is a marketing technology agency that helps customers drive business growth through MarTech.

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Diederik Martens is a frequently asked international keynote speaker on marketing technology and marketing automation.